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Functional Area Expert - NV - Empanelment for EIA Consultants

About our Principal Consultant

Chintan Athalye is a Quality Council of India / NABET approved Functional Area Expert - Noise & Vibrations to be empanelled with Environmental Impact Assessment Consultants for NABET Accreditation. 


Since being approved as FAE-NV in 2010, he has the experience of working with 7+ EIA Organizations (maximum to 5 at a time as per NABET Regulations) and of working on more than 100 A-Category EIA projects in 15+ Sectors as per the classification of MoEF, Government of India. 


If you are interested in empanelling Mr. Chintan Athalye as the FAE-NV with your EIA Organization, Please click on the button below.


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Chintan Athalye

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Functional Area Expert - Noise & Vibrations - Category A

QCI-NABET Approved

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