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ARK Acoustical Consultancy Services has a perfect blend of Experienced & Qualified experts in the field of Acoustical Engineering & Industrial Noise Control. We use state-of-the-art software, along with our proprietary computer programs & algorithms to cure any of the acoustical defects that may arise.


Presently, we provide consultancy services in the following areas:

I. Increasing Sound Absorption & Echo reduction for Restaurants, Banquet Halls, Auditoriums

II. Complete Drawing design consultancy for Acoustical Design of Metro Stations, Airports, Offices

III. Design of Noise control treatment of Jet Engine Test Cells, Auto Engine Test Cells

IV. Noise Mapping for Industrial Areas and sound source identification with Noise Measurement

Restaurants / Banquet Halls 


Restaurants and Banquet halls are often designed for achieving a premium look but acoustical parameters are often ignored in the design phase. It often happens that the presence of Acoustical Defects is felt once the Restaurant / Banquet hall is put to use. 


Acoustical Defects :

| Excess Echo
| Lack of Sound absorption

| Live spots and dead spots

   (Loud volume at certain locations and inaudibility at some locations)

| Lack of clarity in Music

| Low Transmission Loss Rating of walls and Windows 

    (Neighbour's complaints if you play loud music)



At ARK, we offer complete design consultancy to fix all of the acoustical defects and avoid them at construction / renovation stage itself, with guaranteed and proven results. 


We work with the existing vendors of the Restaurants and Banquet Hall owners / architects so that execution can be sourced to your own trusted vendors.




/ Cinema Halls

Quality and Clarity of sound at every seat is the most important parameter in designing the acoustical treatment for Auditoriums and Cinema Halls. 


The acoustical design parameters which affect the creation of live or dead spots inside an auditorium or a cinema hall are : 

 | Reverberation Time - Should be maintained within 0.7~0.9sec

 | Speaker positioning and configuration

 | Absorption of Low (Bass) frequencies


All of these factors are considered while designing the acoustical treatment related to every project.


ARK offers consultancy for deciding optimum acoustical treatment for auditoriums and cinema halls to achieve the following results : 

| Reverberation Time within 0.7 Seconds to 0.9 Seconds
| Appropriate speaker positioning to achieve the same sound pressure level at every seat.
| Improve clarity of sound by designing frequency specific absorption in Sabine units for the room. 


Metro stations / Airports

For announcements to be audible, it is required that the reverberation time inside metro stations and airports to be maintained within 1.2 Seconds. Due to large size itself, it is very challenging to maintain the reverberation time below 1.2 Seconds at such locations. 


Another acoustic defect that is commonly observed at Metro stations / Airports is that the component of reflected noise is 'louder' than the component of direct noise coming from the speaker at particular locations. This destroys the clarity of sound and the announcements become incomprehensible. 


At ARK, we provide complete Drawing-Design consultancy for Acoustical Design of Metro stations / Airports to achieve the following results : 

| Reverberation Time below 1.2 Seconds

| Speaker positioning design for achieving a high Speech Transmission Index at all locations.

| User of only flameproof materials as per tender specifications of every project. 

Metro Stations and Airports

Advantages of working with us

Proven and Guaranteed Results, with Acoustical Treatment designed by experts qualified in the field of 'Acoustics & Vibrations', with solutions customised to your needs

We work with Project owners and Architects from all around the world. The acoustical analysis is done our office based on 3D Models and Drawings inputs received from architect.

Source to your existing trusted vendors as per our design, to achieve your desired aesthetic look at a lower cost because of sourcing the execution locally. 

In-house facility of all types of Acoustical Testing including RT60 Measurement, STIPA Test, FFT Analysis for Sound as well as Vibrations & Transmission Loss Testing.

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